Coverage and Reviews Little Victories

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“This book really connects to me because of Fieldstone Therapeutic Riding Center and having volunteered there. This story is about human perseverance and turning a tragic life event into new opportunities and abilities and the healing power of sensitive and beautiful horses. Get this book and read it and many of you will also take a trip down memory lane hearing about people and horses you may know. You don’t have to be a horse person to love this book – everyone will be able to relate and connect to this true story.”
Gail K

“The story of Debbie Gadus’ accident leaving her a paraplegic is heroic and inspiring. Her love of horses and their special relationship, along with her strength and determination enable her to overcome her disability.

Betty Weibel’s knowledge and experience, her honesty and compassion come through in her writing as you are drawn into Debbie’s story encouraging and inspiring the disabled. And, you are also drawn into the equine world, embracing the beauty of horses and their strength and support connecting with the disabled and fostering trust. Her writing compels a new respect and deeper understanding of both the disabled and of horses, a combination of overwhelming beauty.”
Connie P

“This story has opened my eyes once again to the power of determination and love. What an informative and educational story to give us a look into the beauty of what animals can do for our Souls! Although I vaguely recall the incident that changed Debbie’s life forever, her triumphant and quiet little victories will impact many many people!

Kudos to Betty Weibel for bringing this poignant story to us. I am moved by the hard work and dedication of so many who made this story a true Victory!”

“I bought this book for a friend who has a special needs child and I thought she might be interested in learning about riding as an option. I decided to read it first and was glad I did. I really enjoyed Little Victories and learned a lot. I am not a horse person but I found that easy to understand. However, it was the story about becoming disabled and learning to live with a disability that I found most interesting. It really opened my eyes to the challenges of being disabled… I am going to buy this for a teenager in my family too – I think it would be great for young people to read.
Michael J